On a wood door in via Cesare Cesariano 11, in the hard-working center of Milano, between the Arco della Pace and Sforzesco Castello, there was a "Pogliaghi" sign. There, Mr. Sante Pogliaghi, in 1947, opened his workshop, which was to give life to his world famous creations.

He had already gained much experience, having started at age 11 with his uncle, a respected frame builder in the early 1920s. Sante Pogliaghi perfected his master skills for over 50 years, becoming a master without equals.

His skill allowed him to braze a frame without pre-set jigs, making each frame a unique work of art; He succeeded in making each bike to fit his customer like a tailor would do with a high quality suit. That's why he was called "The Tailor of Bicycles".

Bikes bearing the name Pogliaghi Italcorse Milan were made by Sante and tailored to world class champions such as Merckx and Sercu, and Italians like Faggin, Beghetto and Basso.