The racing essence of the Diamante is expressed in the contrast between its slim forks, aerodynamic shapes, and its inner strong structure which has proved to transform the bursting energy of your pedalling into ground speed. No flex or torsion are the hidden qualities of this fast and precise machine.
The DIAMANTE utilizes Toray T1000 and T800 High Modulus carbon fiber pre-preg.

Toray is highly respected for its light weight and high rigidity characteristics. A widely used fiber in the automotive, aviation and military industries. Our pre-preg  Toray is made even more resistant to impacts and fatigue stress through our use of specific proprietary resins.
Maximum tyres size: 25mm


The new “monolithic” front frame section, made by the semi-integrated front fork / frame / stem / headset, provides a more aerodynamic and aggressive position, ideal for ProRacers. For those who require a less “stretched”, more raised position, a conical shaped spacer is available (comfort kit). The conical shaped spacer rests on the base of the headset and effectively raises the stem without losing the linearity of the headtube forms.

Additionally, a new  fork crown shape has been developed to virtually stretch into the lower part of the frame allowing the steering stresses to be discharged over a wider surface and thereby facilitating manoeuvrability in challenging curves.
The two digit numbers incorporated in the DIAMANTE graphics have been chosen specifically to reference two absolutely unique specifications; these are the 04 in the bottom bracket area and the 06 in the steering area.
These numbers represent the displacement, measured in mm as detected by our tecnicians while testing the bending and torsion frame qualities. The test utilizes a weight of 50kg applied at 36 cm from the fulcrum and measures a return to the initial state, 00 mm offset, which occurs immediately on release of the weight. The DIAMANTE measurements are by far the best results found by comparison with other frames of the highest range on the market.
Weight of full bike from 6.3 kgs.
Maximum tyres size: 25mm




Chain rings

Crank arm



Handle bar



Size chart